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BLOG..of the day.

Recently I rediscovered my love for Pinterest (probably in part because of all the discussion about it in our Social Media class.) Through my hours of mindless wondering on the site the other night I came across a great blog for couples called Friday We’re in Love. The blog lists 101 date ideas. The ideas are arranged by themes and even feature great ideas to do for free at home. I definitely recommend anyone in a long term relationship or beginning a new one check out the blog, especially if your sense of creativity isn’t what it used to be.

The second blog I discovered this week came to me via one of my friends on Facebook. She posted a link to blog written by a friend of hers who has a rare bone disease and is an amputee. The blog could easily take a very morbid turn considering the situation, but the writer keeps her humor and her head up and writes he blog entirely about her dating escapades as a disabled woman. The blog called Dating with Disabilities only has one post as of now, but if the rest are as informative and interesting as the first I look forward to staying engaged with Gwen’s story.


VENUE..of the day.

The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga

Recently I purchased tickets to a concert for an act called Childish Gambino. While the performer, whose given name is Donald Glover, known for his role on the hit show Community, is worthy of a blog post of his own (which I will leave up to someone else) this post is meant to focus on the venue where the concert will take place.

Located at 152 Luckie Street in ATL, The Tabernacle resembles a modernized old age theatre complete with organ pipes, chandeliers, balconies, red curtains on stage, and dining tables on the floor. The place has an artsy feel that can be felt through the images provided on its website. I can only imagine how the venue feels to a concert goer since I have as of yet not made the journey to The Tabernacle. The Tabernacle can be rented out for private parties or used for music, stand up, or any other type of entertainment suitable for a stage. The historical look and feel of both the inside and the outside of the venue provide a nostalgia that seems well worth the $35 per ticket I paid for the concert, at least from what I can tell via the website. Colorful side rooms provide aesthetic interest and appeal and the size of the main room with the stage appears big enough for an enjoyable concert experience but small enough to feel an intimate connection with the act.

Crown videos featured on the website exhibit an adrenaline rush that can only occur at a venue like this. The website in itself is intriguing enough for me to have formulated this entire blog post, only on the website content and comments from friends who have had the pleasure of attending an event at the venue .As you might imagine, as far as I’m concerned June 10 can’t come soon enough.

FLASHBACK..of the day.

“This article
examines the potential of one
of these newer advertising media—
videocassette tapes—and
suggests a path for future research
on its effectiveness.”

The above statement is a quote taken from an article in the Journal of Advertising Research published in January of 1993.

Did you catch that? NEWER advertising media–VIDEOCASSETTE TAPES.

This article was published almost 20 years ago. But if you notice, in one generation of life, just this one technology (the way we watch movies/tv shows and time switch) has gone through at least three generations, if not 5 depending on what you want to include in those “generations.”

Think about it for  a second. In the short time it took my younger sisters to grow into nearly full grown adults, the “newer” media mentioned in this article is now obsolete. Videocassette tapes were replaces by dvds(2nd generation), then came blue ray(3rd generation). Not only that, but in 1993 I would venture to say no one say TVO or Netflix(4th generation) in the foreseeable future. And finally we have the 5th generation of online viewing. Who in 1993 would have thought, that instead of having to preset your VCR to take record something onto a VHS tape if you were going to miss your favorite show, all you would have to do is Google,Youtube, Hulu, or go to the television station’s website to view the episode days or even hours later.

Technology continues to amaze me, and the pace is moving ever faster.

I think technology can be grouped into the category described in the movie the “Social Network”, much like Mark Zuckerberg’s character says of Facebook and fashion, technology is every changing and will never be finished.

What do you think?

I spent the night in Atlanta last night and woke up with a very intense sweet tooth. As I usually do, I used Google to navigate my way through all the area dessert offerings until I found something that seemed suitable. I decided first to go with ice cream, so I Googled “ice cream in Atlanta, GA”. Searching until I found something near my present (within 5 miles from where I was on Evans Rd.) I came across a place called “The Frosty Caboose” that was favored in 100% of its reviews. I thought, sounds a little odd, but why not. So my boyfriend and I decided to drive over and check it out.

We came upon a building shaped like an actual caboose. We looked at each other skeptically, but decided to go up to the ordering window anyway. Good decision. We were overwhelmed by the flavor and topping options, with 8 special sundaes, over 20 topping options, and nearly as many flavor options we knew we had picked the right place. We chose the Caboose Classic. This monstrosity was comprised of a layer of waffle on the bottom (not waffle cone, ACTUAL waffle), followed by 3 scoops of ice cream (we chose birthday cake, chocolate peanut butter cup, and chocolate chip cookie dough), hot fudge, whipped cream, a cherry, and one extra topping (we chose sour gummy worms). The sundae was $6.50, but it was amazing and plenty big enough to feed two people

So if you’re ever in the Atlanta area and craving ice cream stop by 5435 Peachtree Road

And just in case you still need some more convincing, check out their website:

REALIZATION..of the day.

Today I realized there are no original ideas in 21st century American horror cinema.

Here’s proof.

The Omen



The Hills Have Eyes



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



The Last House on the Left


The Thing



Just to name a few.

TV SHOW..of the day.

The title of this post is “tv show..of the day” but it should really be called “tv show. .of the next several days, weeks, maybe months.” But alas I had to go along with the catchy title of the blog, so the post will remain as is.

Recently I had a dilemma. I finished the Niptuck series on Netflix in its entirety. In a way it was an exciting accomplishment considering the hours I had put in and the fact that I stuck with the show until the very end (6 seasons) even though it stopped being quality entertainment about half way through the third season. So, I was faced with a choice. What new piece of Netflix masterpiece will I choose to fill the most boring and unevenful hours of my life. And then I remembered a show I had heard about through the grape vine. And it hit me..that’s the one.

The tv show I am referring to is Breaking Bad.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of Breaking Bad, here’s the rundown:

A highschool chemistry teacher named Walt White (how much more plain jane can you get) finds out he has lung cancer. Facing near certain death within the year, Walt doesn’t want to die and leave his family, consisting of a son with a disability and a pregnant wife, in debt. Of course his first thought is to begin cooking meth. Walt gets in touch with a former student of his after going on a ride-along with his DEA officer brother-in-law and the two partner up to work the streets. Not the most likely of pairs, but the personalities of the partners make for some great on screen action.

In one memorable scene from the first few episodes, Walt’s partner ends up in a situation involving killing a fellow drug dealer. In his great chemical wisdom, Walt informs Jesse (the partner) to use a certain chemical to dissolve the body in a plastic container. Not knowing this particular chemical will not eat through plastic, but will eat through porcelain and wood, Jesse throws the body in the second floor bathtub and pours the chemical compound on top. Jesse’s house is left, scenes later, with a hole in the first floor ceiling, and the remains of a drug dealer on the floor.

I’m only on episode 7, but with scenes like this, and the promise that the seasons only get better from here, I’m sure I’ll be sticking with this one for the long hall.

VIDEO..of the day.

For those of you who weren’t in my Media Planning class today, were and weren’t paying attention, or were and just really wanted to see this video again, here it is. This guy is competing in the National Poetry Slam in Boston. This video is pretty legit, and also counts for the IRONY..of the day, it that I’m posting a video arguing against social media and our dependence on technology on a social networking platform. But anyway, enjoy!

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